Current Pool Trends in the Lake Nona and Southeast Orlando areas

going green

With the vision of the Lake nona Medical Center on the horizon, the area has seen continued growth and home construction, while other areas aren’t as fortunate. More homes being built means more pools being built, and we always find it interesting to study new trends in the pool industry.

Over the past few years, we have noticed a trend moving to smaller swimming pools being built with a focus on safety, versatility, and “green” benefits being demanded by the homeowner.

Drowning and accidental injuries taking place in pools has become a common topic in the news, and homeowners are actively looking for ways to reduce or eliminate this risk. We’re seeing automated pool covers and various fencing options to address this concern, but very few products offer the aesthetics that some homes require.

“Green” is the new black. Homeowners are embracing ways to be conscientious consumers when it comes to our planet’s limited resources. They are looking at ways to reduce water, chemical, and energy usage and of course save money at the same time. More and more, consumers are demanding real green solutions, especially when it comes to their swimming pools. There are many changes coming to address these concerns, and it will change the way people view the purchase of a residential swimming pool [more info on this in the VERY near future].

Lastly, due to the long term trend of new homes being built on small lots, homeowners are looking to get the most versatility from their backyard investments. They are looking to create as much versatility as possible with the limited space that they might have, as well as trying to create long term value when they are ready to sell their home in the future.

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