Easily Calculate Your Swimming Pool Volume


Whenever you get pool supplies, the instructions say x ounces per 1,000 gallons or something similar. When you start new pool cleaning service, the company asks how many gallons of water your pool has. So how many gallons of water does your swimming pool hold?

The internet is full of instructions for calculating pool volume, and there are a ton of calculators, but one of the easiest we’ve found is the Pool Wizard calculator.

It’s as easy as measuring your pool, and putting the numbers into the calculator. We’ve tested it and it consistently gives decent results to the nearest 100 gallons. You don’t need an exact number (volume) when it comes to swimming pool volume and chemical dosing, so the results will work just fine.

If you’re already one of our clients, you can just call us for your pool volume, but if you’re going it alone, this should come in handy.

Have you found a better pool water volume calculator? Tell us about it in the comments.

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