Let’s Talk Water Temperature. Orlando Swimming Pools Still Freezing

iceberg swimming pool

Have you stuck your hand in your pool lately? We have, and let it be known….your water is still ice cold!

Water temperature doesn’t play a huge role in chemical balance, unless you’re dealing with hot tubs or winterized pools (water below 40 degrees), but people still ask about it.

So here are a few simple facts about swimming pool water temperature:

  • If your swimming pool is screened in, your pool water will always be roughly 10 degrees cooler than open pools.
  • A backyard with a southern is exposure is almost always best for pools. This will give your pool the maximum sunlight during the Summer.
  • Water is the slowest element to change temperature. Even if it’s a very hot day out, there’s a good chance your water temperature is only creeping up a degree or two at a time.
  • Heat pumps are all the rage – for now. Basically, pump and heater manufacturers have merged products, and the result is a pump system that heats water faster, and uses less energy. This could all change in the next few years with the growing demand for multi-speed pumps, but for now, they are a great option.
  • If you decide to brave the cold water, and you start shivering, you may be entering hypothermia.

Know any other interesting pool water temperature facts? Tell us in the comments.

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