2011 Orlando Pool Show – Disappointing

orlando pool spa show sign

We promised big things from the Orlando Pool & Spa show this year, but sadly, it seemed like a slimmed down version of last year’s show. If you don’t remember last year’s show, here’s a video refresher…

We were late to register for the show this year, so we ended up registering onsite. The registration process has always been simple, but this year, the registration area was in the same area as the classes. In prior years, the registration has been in a completely separate area, but it seemed like there was a reduction in the number of classes offered this year, so that could have something to do with it.

Looking through the classes, we didn’t notice anything new on the curriculum. I decided to attend an “Internet Marketing” class put on by Frank Motola of @Brandtastic. He’s apparently an accomplished marketer, otherwise, he wouldn’t be teaching the class, right??? Wrong. One look at his Twitter account shows his marketing style – a very one-directional, all promotion type of style….but that’s a discussion better had on PoolShak.

The other classes were very standard, and not much new was learned or discussed. So on to the show floor.

The floor opened at 11:00 am. We always make it a point to stop by the American Leak Detection booth to pick up a free 5 gallon bucket to help carry the other “swag” we’re given throughout the floor.

After scoring a bucket, we went back to the beginning of the aisles, and walked through looking for anything new and exciting to report. Pool nets, pool brushes, tile, grout, pool route software, chemicals, and other pool products were everywhere. We expected variable speed pumps to be highlighted this year, but sadly, only a few were there.

large pool pump

Not variable speed, but probably the most interesting thing at the show.

We managed to walk the entire floor in under an hour. It seemed to be about two rows less than last year, and the variety of vendors was limited. We’ll continue to go each year, but with the economy picking up, I thought this would be a stellar year….it wasn’t.

Here are a few more pictures from the floor. If you have any questions about the show, ask in the comments, or on Twitter at @LakeNonaPools.

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