‘Foot Stickers’: Water Safety in Hiding

Speaking from experience, swimming pool decks can get very slippery when they get wet. As we continue our Water Safety theme this month, we want to share with you a new shoe with a minimalistic design..that just might save your butt (literally) while on the pool deck.

The Footsticker is a flexible plastic membrane that sticks to your skin like a, well, like a second-skin. There are three designs, each conceived for a different activity. The cream-colored yoga skins, for example, offer high-grip protection for the heel, big-toe and the pad immediately behind the big toe.

foot sticker swimming pool shoe

Other shapes stick on to protect your feet during dancing or “combat cardio”, stopping injury to the most used spots of the feet but letting the muscles and bones move over each other without restriction, one of the attractions of doing sports barefoot.

I’ve never tried these, so I can’t speak for how well they work around a pool, but looking at them, I’d say they’re perfect. If you have tried them, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

Footstickers – Independent graduation at Nike EMEA [Behance]

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