Water Safety With a Twist – of Lime

Yep, it’s still Water Safety month, and we’re still talking water safety here – though today is arguably one of the most hypocritical posts you’ll ever see here.

Let me clarify…

Most hotels or resorts have a rule of No Glassware near the swimming pool. Broken glass on a pool deck is a huge safety concern, and broken glass IN a pool is a million times worse! Glass is invisible in a swimming pool, making it impossible to see, and just as difficult to clean out.

With that in mind, Strahl has created “luxuriously elegant yet durable alternatives to traditional beverageware, serveware and tableware.” Strahl is manufactured in New Zealand from the highest quality polycarbonate ensuring both pristine clarity and reliable durability. Only polycarbonate provides the glass-like look and weight expected in an alternative glassware solution – unique properties which mean it is used for bulletproof glass and aircraft windows.

Now back to the water safety stuff. We do NOT condone drinking alcoholic beverages around a pool. We know you’re adults, but too many beverages around a pool can lead to far more serious hazards than a cut on your foot. If you decide to use Strahl’s products, just make sure you’re using them responsibly.

Think these would come in handy at your next party? Let us know in the comments.

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