Do I Need Pool Service in Winter? If You Live in Orlando, the Answer is YES!

September is almost upon us, and the kids are back in school. That only means one thing in the swimming pool industry…phone calls asking about Winter pool service.

With Lake nona Pools being focused on pools in Orlando, we will only talk about the Winter demands here. In Orlando, we don’t “Winterize” swimming pools as they do in the north, and being in a tropical climate, our water balance fluctuates just as much during the cooler months as it does during the Summer.

The most common questions we’re asked are, “Can we discontinue pool service until next Summer?” or, “Can we just go to every-other-week service until it warms up again?” Our answer to both of these questions is no, or “We don’t recommend that.”

So we just say no because we’re a company and we want to make more money, right? Well, I guess a little, but that’s not the main reason.

During the Summer, the chlorine level in your pool is constantly fluctuating. The heat and heavy rains wreak havoc on the chlorine in your pool, and losing chlorine allows algae to freely bloom in your swimming pool. During the Winter months, your chlorine actually stays in your water better, but your pH has a tendency to start fluctuating. The risks associated with your pH being too low (acidic water) are etching of the surface, meaning the water is literally eating your pool. The risks with your pH being too high (basic water) are scaling and staining. Algae is easy to brush off, but staining is much more complicated.

This is a VERY basic explanation of why it is not a good idea to drop or reduce swimming pool service during the Winter, but there are plenty of other reasons not listed here. Just because the water is clear doesn’t mean it is balanced properly. If you have specific questions, ask us in the comments below.

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