Lightning Strike Injures 5 at Discovery Cove – Real Life Pool Safety Tip

Remember being a kid and getting mad when the mean ol’ grown ups would kick you out of the swimming pool during a thunderstorm? Well, in Orlando, it was an every day occurrence. Turns out, those grown ups knew what they were talking about.

When you see lightning, you need to get your butt out of the pool – no questions asked.

That didn’t sell you on it? Well, five people learned that lesson that hard way at Discovery Cove in Orlando today when lightning struck not IN the pool, but nearby. According to, “The Orange County Fire Department said the victims were not struck directly by lightning, but their injuries occurred after a nearby lightning strike.”

Please don’t mess around when a storm rolls in. Just get out of the pool and find something to do for 10 minutes – that’s usually all it takes for the storm to bow past.

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