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pool cleaning in eagle creek

It’s always been funny to me how swimming pools in one neighborhood can be very similar in chemical balance, yet, in the neighborhood across the street, the chemical balance can be completely different. We decided to start posting about what we’re seeing while cleaning pools in specific neighborhoods.

We’re starting this series in Eagle Creek, where we have a large majority of our pools.

Eagle Creek is a golf community, and with that, you are faced with an odd set of circumstances that can effect water balance. Special chemicals are used to maintain golf courses, and those chemicals can travel through the air and into pools…or they travel through the air, and stick to screen enclosures, so all of the buildup on the screens washes into the swimming pool during the next storm.

One of the biggest problems we face in Eagle Creek is dealing with phosphates. We’ve posted about phosphates on this site before, and phosphates are found in most fertilizers. Each time the course is treated with fertilizer or insecticides, we see a boost in the amount of phosphates in our clients’ pools. Phosphates aren’t harmful in pools, but they are algae food, so even if your pool is chlorinated, phosphates can cause an algae bloom to start and thrive.

When we notice the phosphates getting high, we usually do a treatment, which clears the problem up in a day or two. If the phosphate count in your pool is very high, you may notice your pool being cloudy for a day after we’ve done the treatment. This is all very normal, and we note it when it occurs.

Another challenge we’re faced with in Eagle Creek is dirt…yes, dirt! Between road construction on Narcoossee Rd, new homes being constructed in the south end of Eagle Creek, and the development going on across the street from the community, there is a ton of dirt blowing through the air. Just like the chemicals containing the phosphates, this dirt travels into pools or sticks to screen enclosures, causing excess debris to form in the bottom of your pool or in your filter.

We typically combat this by monitoring the cleanliness of your filter. If your filter is clogged with dirt, we clean it more often than our normal once-a-month scheduled cleaning.

Other than that, the pools in Eagle Creek stay pretty well balanced. The pool builder used great pool equipment, so there are not a lot of problems there, and the build quality of the pools in Eagle Creek is very good compared to other pools in the area.

We’ll go into detail on some of the other surrounding neighborhoods in the near future.

If you live in Eagle Creek, and have specific questions about your pool, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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