Pool Inspiration – Modern Villa

Even though Lake Nona Pools is primarily a pool cleaning and maintenance company, we’re working to become pool builders in the near future, and we’re starting a series here to give you inspiration if you’re looking to build a pool, or even if you just want ideas for your deck.

We’re lucky to be in Lake Nona, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We see so many amazing pools, and plan to feature some of them in this series, but other times, we’ll share pools from all over the world – like this pool we’re showing today.


The first thing I noticed with this pool was the fire pit. This has been a huge trend in swimming pool design in 2011, and I’m sure it will continue. Having the fire and water elements together produces a zen-like state and is very simple to incorporate – even if you just purchase a stand-alone fire pit and place it on your deck.

A view of the pool from the yard. Looks like some sort of Summer Kitchen to the left.

Here’s a view of the swimming pool from the master bedroom. Orlando builders have been following the trend of having large windows facing out to the pool area from the bedrooms and living areas, so your pool not only changes your backyard…it also changes the views from almost everywhere in your home.

This picture is more about inspiration for your deck. Again, notice the fire pit. I also like the built-in bench which will come in handy for eating, or placing your pool gear while you’re in the pool.

A HUGE thanks goes out to theultralinx.com for this find. To see all of the photos of this house, click here.

Do you have a pool you want featured? Contact us, and we’ll be sure to add it to the list.

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