From the Pool Truck – Dogs in Pools


In today’s “From the Pool Truck,” I want to talk about dogs in swimming pools. It might be fun to watch Fido swim around, but have you ever thought about what having a dog swimming in the poll does to your pool water?

The simple answer is, it does a lot! Dog hair is very absorbent. Having a dog in the pool for 10 minutes removes as much chlorine from the water as having 25 people in the pool for an hour. Chlorine literally sticks to the dog’s coat, and leaves the water with the pooch, leaving your pool partially (or totally) stripped of the water’s sanitizer.

If your pool goes too long without chlorine, it could become a very unsafe to swim, as well as start to develop an algae bloom.

Next time Fido takes a swim, you may want to consider shocking the pool after he’s out.

Today’s “From the Pool Truck” was done in East Lake Reserve off of Narcoossee Rd in Saint Cloud.

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