Lake Nona Pools Weekly Online Customer Service – G+ Hangout Style

There’s no denying…we, at Lake Nona Pools, love Google+. One of our favorite features of Google+ is the ability to have a “Hangout.” Hangouts are a way for us to have a live video chat with anyone. We will be available to answer your pool questions live every Monday morning from 10am to 11am. All you need to do is have a Google+ account, and visit our Lake Nona Pools page on Google+ during 10am-11am any Monday morning, and you can jump in and hangout with us. We’ll be able to discuss pool problems, swimming pool questions, water chemistry questions, give advice on swimming topics, discuss pool products, or answer billing questions. You don’t even need to be a client to join us. If you have a question, give us a try.

We’re hoping to figure out bigger and better things to offer on our Google+ page, but for now, we’re hoping our customer service hour will be a success.

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