From the Pool Truck – Solar Pool Covers


Today’s pool is located in Saint Cloud, near Steven’s Plantation.

You might not know it by going outside today, but it’s starting to get cooler in Orlando, and your swimming pool water’s temperature  has dropped considerably in the past month. Because of the warm-ish weather we’re still having, people want to swim, but most pools are just damn cold right now.

One very simple, and extremely affordable solution to this is using a solar pool cover.

The pool cover helps attract the heat from the sun, and keep that heat energy trapped by reducing heat loss due to wind shear. It all sounds very technical, but it simply attracts heat, and keeps it trapped in the pool.

Most pool stores carry these covers (we have them too!), and it’s probably an hour project.

We’ve seen pretty good results with these, but with everything, your mileage may vary.

If you’ve used a solar cover, we’d love to hear what you thought if it in the comments below.

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  • Rdiaz2005

    Hi, What do you think of the liquid solar products?

  • kurt

    Also drastically reduces chemical use and evaporation, just make sure you get a reel to take it on and off.

  • Shaun McLane

    Can’t say I’ve ever used liquid solar products, but I know a few other guys in the industry who swear by them.

  • Shaun McLane

    Couldn’t agree more about the reel. They can be a chore without one.