Daylight Savings Time and Your Pool: What you Need to do

The short answer if we service your pool: absolutely NOTHING.

Daylight savings time has hit Orlando (technically it hit almost everywhere in the US, but we only care about Orlando), which means you lost an hour of sleep last night.

Swimming pools are set on timers that need to be manually adjusted, but if we service your pool, and you have an Intermatic pool timer (pictured above), we will be adjusting your timer this week. If you want to switch the timer on your own, it’s pretty simple…just go out to your timer box, and pull the yellow disk towards you. It will become easy to move it left or right, so just turn it clockwise about an inch so the current time lines up with the metal time indicator bar. Below is a video showing how to do this:

If you have a box inside to control your pool timer, you’ll need to adjust the time on your own, or you can call us and we can help you.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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