From the pool truck: Mustard (yellow) algae showing up as weather gets warmer

Today’s pool is in Eagle Creek, but we’re seeing this very common problem popping up all over Orlando.

Mustard algae is a yellow algae that shows up in pools for various reasons. It’s very common and very easy to treat.

If you’ve noticed yellow spots on your steps, on the walls, around your pool light, or on the bottom if your pool, it’s probably mustard algae.

Mustard algae doesn’t grow into the surface of your pool, so usually brushing it will remove it, and shocking the pool will keep it out.

As the weather warms, the water temperature in your pool is rising. This change in temperature can trigger an algae bloom. We’ve seen small amounts of it popping up, and it tells us it’s time to add more chemicals. 

If you see yellow in your pool, rest easy knowing it’ll be easy to eliminate and doesn’t damage the pool in any way.

If you have questions, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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