100% Free Pool Service

Why can’t a pool cleaning company offer 100% Free, No-Strings-Attached pool service? Well, we can…and do!

Here’s how it works. If you aren’t using a pool service company, you’re most likely taking a water sample to your local pool store so they can tell you what chemicals you need. Thing is, that’s how they make their money – selling chemicals. Are you positive your pool needs that $15 bottle of magic water enhancer? Probably not….and that’s where we come in.

We want to eliminate your need to bring your water to your local pool store!

Our FREE service is very simple….we test the water for you. That’s it. We tell you exactly what your pool needs, how much it needs, and when it needs it. We also provide notifications of when it’s time to clean your filter, or add water to your pool. We’re not in the business of selling chemicals (though, we CAN sell them), so your readings and chemical needs will be unbiased.

So how can we do this? Why are we willing to do this?

Simple. There might come a time when you get tired of vacuuming or brushing your pool. If you already trust us to do your water testing, you’re probably going to trust us cleaning your pool, and you’ll hire us for regular weekly service.

With the FREE Service, we will leave a slip each week when we visit, and it will have your chemical readings, as well as the chemicals you need to add that week – if any. It will also tell you how wonderful we are, and remind you that you can always hire us to clean your pool…but it’s never forced upon you. Think of it as ad-supported pool cleaning.

Free service is limited to Eagle Creek, North Shore, Lake Nona Estates, NorthLake Park, Villagewalk, Lake Ajay Estates, Moss Park Reserve, Majestic Oaks, and possibly other neighborhoods in between those listed.

To find out more, give us a call at 407-243-8383.

Call TODAY to sign up for this revolutionary new pool service!