Standard Pricing

Chemical Testing Only: Starting at $70/Month
Chemical-Clean Service: Starting at $90/Month
Full-Clean Service: Starting at $110/Month
With DE Filter: Add $5

Our Guarantee

We stand 100% behind our service and repairs. If you are not happy with the service provided, we will return to your pool and re-service your pool until you are satisfied, at no additional charge.

The Not-so-Small Print
Prices may change without warning – though we’re pretty sure they won’t. Pool service is provided year-round, and prices will remain the same throughout the year. Our standard rates do not apply for commercial pools; only residential. Our pricing is for pools 25,000 gallons or less, with screen enclosure. If your pool is larger than 25,000 gallons, or does not have a screen enclosure, please call us to schedule a quote.